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June 9, 2015
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Benefit from Cheap Navy Keshawn Martin Elite Jerseys with comparable high quality pictureLevi Kelly : Item shipped and arrived when promised. Great product and well made. My four year old loved it. Better made product than I expected. I will shop here again.

Benefit from Cheap Navy Keshawn Martin Elite Jerseys with comparable high quality pictureHafiz Abdul Moize Khan : I ordered two pairs of these in different sizes. Instead of ordering my usual size (large), I ordered xl and xxl because of reviews which stated they run small. They do not. My own fault that they were HUGE! The material is nice and soft and pockets are deep. My reason for knocking off a star is because of the leg length which is just below the crotch…much shorter than depicted in the pic. The length is the only reason I returned these without ordering another. If you do not mind the shorter length and order your correct size, you should be very happy with these shorts…well worth the great price!

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