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January 6, 2016
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Kritikus telah memuji acara untuk cerita itu dan emosi serta Skor musik. Penonton telah keluar dalam jumlah besar untuk mengalami emosi tulus alur cerita dan datang untuk mengatakan bahwa produksi adalah tentang cinta dan meskipun beberapa kali Anda mungkin menemukan cheap sports jerseys diri Anda dalam air mata, ada banyak saat saat lucu dan menghibur yang membuat acara yang membosankan atau mendalam..When children grow up, they are often encouraged to take a part in the school production, play or musical. Acting is a good thing to explore. If you are an ebullient child, outgoing, social, acting is a great outlet. 4. ASK YOURSELF: WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? I won’t say, what is the next best step, because those of us with perfectionistic tendencies, may get stuck on the best part! So, I ask myself, what would be helpful? You may come up with something that is comforting more than productive and that is OK for the time being. 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